9. November 2016

Pitch your PhD gathered over 40 enthusiastic PhDs in Oslo!


More than 40 young PhDs and postdocs were attending the practical Pitch Your PhD-workshop on November 4th. Coach and actor Torunn Meyer was leading the workshop on how to present your research better.


During five hours the PhDs got tools, training, lots of feedback, reflection – and more training(!). This is helpful whether you apply for a job, need funding for your next project or need investments to build your own startup. To sum up – a workshop that built confidence! Torunn Meyer and Petter Niklasson Hagen were in charge of the workshop that took place at Oslo Science Park. The PhDs attending were from UiO, NMBU, BI, AHO, Cambridge and Helsinki.


Behind the workshop is Science for society
Science for society is a learning- and networking platform for PhD-students and postdocs, focusing on academic value creation, entrepreneurship and commercialization, and employability. The project runs at Lund University (SE), University of Oslo (NO), University of Aarhus and Aalborg (DK), in addition of Oslotech (NO) and Region Midtjylland (DK) as project partners.


Rektor Ole Petter Ottersen at the University of Oslo is enthusiastic
This is what he said, introducing the learning platform in December 2015:
“- Our students and PhD candidates have enormous potential for innovation. This Nordic effort is going to create new ideas and new businesses”, says Rektor of the University, Ole Petter Ottersen, adding; “- Through participation in the Science for Society, the University wants to increase innovation. Science for Society gives us the opportunity to learn from others’ best practices and it gives us a wider network within business”.



Left: Yudi Wen pitching to a group of fellow PhDs. Yudi is a PhD Candidate at Department of Economics, University of Oslo. Right: Group giving feedback, from the left: Siri Anne Dahlum, Dept. of Political Science, UiO, Daria Kormacheva, Faculty of Arts, Univ of Helsinki and Bayanaa Undraa from Noragric, NMBU (fotos: Astrid B. Lund, Oslotech).


Check Science for Society website for upcoming events, and follow Science for Society on Facebook for network-updates and -invitations. Other offers from the SfS-platform are workshops on lean launchpad, business modelling, value creation, competence clarification, CV and cover letter writing, and more.

7. October 2016

Aarhus: PhD & Entrepreneurship

Mads Wraa Hyttel, a former PhD in Materials science/Nanoscience at Aarhus University, is a product specialist, temperature sensors at Kamstrup. Mads talks about the importance of entrepreneurship in research, and how it can do a difference in the industry.

2. August 2016

Feedback from participants at Lean Launchpad in Aarhus

Rune Elgaard Mikkelsen, CEO and cofounder of Capillatus, Mikkel Kongsfelt, CEO of RadiSurf and Kristian Lyhne, Partner in Emplate ApS, explains the value of participating in LeanLaunchPad course at Aarhus University.


The course is part of Science for Society project that enables PhD-students and postdocs in Scandinavia to commercialize research results as it equips them with the required entrepreneurial knowledge and “toolkits” to create impact in society (www.au.dk/sfs). The LeanLaunchPad course consists of 7 workshops and are focused on business model design and customer discovery.


Capillatus Technologies Development IVS are working on developing a better lightning protection to expensive structures.


Mikkel Kongsfelt, CEO of RadiSurf. RadiSurf is a spin-out company from Aarhus University in Denmark and was established in 2015 with a patented technology developed at the university as the foundation.


Kristian Lyhne, Partner in Emplate ApS – company has specialized in the iBeacon-technology which makes location-based information on smartphones possible indoors.

6. June 2016

Why PhD researchers need to understand business model design

Science for Society – from the investors and the industry’s perspective

Jón Ingi Benediktsson has more than 25 years of experience within Life Science (medtech, biotech, pharma), with proven successful track record of managing sales, investments and technology transfer. In his talk he will, and based on his own experience, mention some of the do’s, don’ts and pitfalls in respect of commercializing university research and establishing a successful spinout.

26. May 2016

Competence Clarification Workshop

On 25th of May, Aalborg University hosted Competence Clarification Workshop. It was a success and participants worked with different exercises helping them communicate their knowledge and competences in a better way. Ultimately, this will enhance their skills in communicating with relevant industry and external stakeholders.