10. February 2017



I slutningen af februar danner Aalborg Kongres og Kulturcenter ramme om en konference, der sætter fokus på arbejdsmarkedet uden for universitetsverdenen for ph.d.er og postdocs.


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31. January 2017

Vacant postdoctoral position in entrepreneurship


Aarhus University: The Department of Management at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University, invites applications for a three-year postdoctoral position offering applicants an exciting opportunity to join a new research project on quantitative studies of entrepreneurs and careers.


The starting date for the successful candidate is 1 June 2017 or as soon as possible thereafter, subject to mutual agreement.


Read more about the vacant postdoctoral position here.

27. January 2017

Get out of the building to test your business hypotheses


At this years first Science for Society inspirational talk, Fiona Linnea Bach-Gansmo, CEO and co-founder of Bioco Medico, shared her experience of participating in Lean LaunchPad training and testing business hypothesis as a research start-up.


BIOCO MEDICO is a spin-out company from Aarhus University. The company uses biological solutions to connect materials and has invented a tissue glue. During the Lean LaunchPad training Fiona conducted a huge amount of interviews and a number of observations in real life situations where the tissue glue could potentially become an applicable product.


Her main advice to the audience of starts-ups, PhD-students and Post Docs at the meeting was: “If you whant to create value with your research, you have to:


* get out of the building
* listen louder
* and gather insights about you future customers, market and potential partners


Use the insights to make your Minimum Viable Product, to clarify your focus areas and don’t expect the innovation process to be linear”.



No doubts that Fiona has gained a lot of knowledge about her potential users during the interviews and she can now apply this knowledge for improving the Bioco Medico’s future business model and next step strategy.


If you want to learn more about Bioco Medico – you can visit their website. You, too, can apply for Lean LaunchPad Spring training here.

24. November 2016


Science for Society measures PhD’s career considerations


SURVEY REPORT: For the Science for Society project to meet the entrepreneurial and career-clarifying needs of the young researcher over its three year period, a large portion of the initial work in the project’s first year has been dedicated to conducting a so-called interest investigation among the PhD students at the four partner universityes: the University in Oslo, Lunds University, Aarhus University, and Aalborg University.


In the spring of 2016, we created a questionnaire; in the summer of 2016, it was sent out to the young researchers in Oslo, Lund, and Aalborg (Aarhus University was unfortunately unable to send the questionnaire to their PhDs); and finally, here in the fall of 2016, we have run an analysis of the data collection.


The questions were under the main topic of the PhD students’ career expectations after the end of their PhDs, and their need and motivation for participating in events with themes such as entrepreneurship and competency clarification, among other topics.


The results showed that, overall, 79% of respondents are aware of the career options outside of the university, while 95% of the respondents are aware that there are future career options at the universities. This gives us an indication that there is a need for further promotion of alternative career options for the young researchers.


On the question of whether or not respondents would consider a career as a self-employed business person or as an employee in an existing company or organization, 72% of the respondents said they would consider a career as a researcher at a university, while 63-65% would consider a career in an existing organization or company and 28% would consider the path of entrepreneurship.


This is a very large proportion of the respondents, and it means that events and workshops about entrepreneurship will give these respondents a better foundation for becoming entrepreneurs. At the same time, the graph shows that the primary portion of the respondents would prefer a research career. Therefore, there is also a need for events and workshops which focus on alternative career paths, since universities employ fewer and fewer of the PhDs that they educate.

15. November 2016

PhD Conference:
Career paths outside academia


Science for Society is hosting it’s first ever PhD conference in February 2017. Location is Aalborg and you are invited to attend!


Since the Science for Society project started in January 2016, we have developed a conference format to create a meetingplace between Norwegian, Swedish and Danish PhDs and postdocs. This years conference will be in Aalborg, and focus on PhDs career development-, value creation outside academia.



For conference program, keynotes, registration, financial support and accommodation, please visit our PhD Conference website.


At this conference you will be inspired by a number of innovative entrepreneurs and other researchers who have pursued a career in the industry, the public sector or started up their own business. Take this opportunity to get new insight and inspiration to the PhD labour market.


Selected conference highlights:

  • Keynote speaker Professor Lene Tanggaard, Deputy head of dept. of communication AAU, Learn to bring your PhD into play. An inspirational talk about the transition from researcher to value creator outside academia. Lene gives her perspective on the question why young researchers bring extra value.
  • Keynote speaker Kathrine Myhre, CEO of Oslo Medtech, will give a speech about “Starting up within medical technology”. Myhre established the cluster Oslo Medtech in 2009 and has since the start been the CEO of the organization. Oslo Medtech is today a mature cluster organization with 180 members including Medtech, eHealth and Digital health companies, R&D-institutions, hospitals and local health authorities, international companies and investors.
  • Where Do They Go?
    Associated Professor Ina Drejer and Associated Professor Anette Rasmussen present this recent study that investigates the career paths of PhD graduates from AAU’s Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Employers, i.e. Danfoss
  • Role models
    • Senior User Experience Architect at LEGO, Janne Jul Jensen, AAU PhD
    • Serial Entrepreneur and cofounder of Better World Fashion, Reimar Ivang, AAU Industrial PhD and Associated Professor
    • Head of Risk Management at NEAS Energy, Thomas Aalund Fredholm, AAU PhD


Aalborg University is hosting partner, and the conference takes place in Aalborg Congress og Culture Centre. Participants will also have time to visit the city and walk through the streets of Aalborg. Here is Visit Aalborgs website for info on restaurants, shopping and cultural happenings.


Video: Promotional video, City of Aalborg, from Visit Aalborg