9. October 2017

AARHUS: Collaboration Planning Workshop with Novo Nordisk

Collaboration planning is a skillset that can be learned. At this Collaboration Planning Workshop, participants had the opportunity to interact with Industrial Post-docs from Novo Nordisk.


9. October 2017

Mussel gels must be made ready for surgery

Tubes with mussel glue will in the future be able to replace sutures and staples in the hospitals’ operating rooms. Researchers at Aarhus University have copied the mussel glue production and improved it so much that they have established the spinout company Bioco Medico in order to get the glue brought to the market.

In Science for Society, director and co-founder Fiona Linnea Bach-Gansmo has Conducted a Lean Launchpad course, where you develop and test business models based on market and customer surveys as well as sparring with external experts. You can hear more about this in this video, where you can also see how the glue works. And you can read the article below.

Read article about Bioco Medico here


8. August 2017

Check out our new events!

New events
from our partners are now published at our event page, please check out events near you! It’s also possible to register and visit our partnering universities and their events. Ask us, we’ll help out!


Also, do not forget the Science for Society conference this fall, form 16th – 17th of November in Oslo. You’re hereby invited. Read more at conference website phdconferenceoslo.com.


6. April 2017

Videotalks from our Ph.d. Conference in Aalborg


Science for Society held its very first Scandinavian Ph.d. Conference in February 2017. Venue was Aalborg Congress & Culture Center and over 200 ph.d.-candidates and postdocs participated, coming from 39 different countries.


The conference talks were recorded, here are a selection:


Ready for the long haul!
Reimer Ivang, cofounder of “Better World Fashion” and Associate Professor at Aalborg University. Reimer presents how he capitalizes on the competences developed during his PhD, both in relation to academia but also in entrepreneurship. 

How to solve global health challenges with your Ph.d.
Kathrine Myhre, CEO at Oslo MedTech Cluster. Kathrine established the cluster Oslo Medtech in 2009 and has since the start been the CEO of the organization. Oslo Medtech is today a mature cluster organization with 180 members including Medtech, eHealth and Digital health companies, R&D-institutions, hospitals and local health authorities, international companies and investors.

Welcome to Science for Society Ph.d. Conference in Aalborg
By Søren Damgaard, Director of AAU Innovation and Ulla Egediussen Egekvist, PhD Career Consultant at Aalborg University.


From AAU, to Pharma, to Medtech, to… who knows
Omar Do Nascimento, Scientific manager Coloplast & AAU Ph.d. Omar shares bits of his eclectic professional career steps.


Entrepreneurship as gendered phenomenon
Caroline Wigren, Senior Lecturer at Lund University. Caroline has the perspective that both entrepreneurship and gender are socially constructed phenomena – we associate entrepreneurship with certain characteristics and attributes as well as we associate being a man or woman with certain characteristics and attributes. This might create consequences when it comes to career paths. In this session Caroline Wigren gives her view on the matter.


Conference video(short) from Science for Society Conference in Aalborg
A short conference video, see the athmosphere and setup of the conference.


4. April 2017

Rector Ole Petter Ottersen (UiO) writes about Science for Society


Rector at UiO, Ole Petter Ottersen, has written about Science for Society in his university blog, focusing on the enhanced collaboration between research and industry. Ottersen states “- it’s great to see such an initiative that creates an academic education that strengthens entrepreneurial spirit and collaboration with industry.”


He also draws attention to the Ph.d. conference hosted by Science for Society earlier this year in Aalborg as an important example for linking research and academia to industry and society.


Read Ottersens blogpost here (in Norwegian)