15. December 2017

Impact on Society Conference aftermovie is out!

Have a look at the facts, reactions and mingling from Impact on Society Conference held in Oslo Science Park on November 16-17th:


29. November 2017

Impact on Society Conference – a review

Over 170 participants, including PhDs, Postdocs, speakers and company representatives. 19 different nationalities, 15 speakers, 3 workshops, 19 contributing companies at Industry Fair. A total of 221 meetings between PhDs/Postdocs and companies. The Impact on Society Conference was a success!


Read more about the conference on conference website. Here is a gallery covering different session including keynotes, workshops, Industry meetings and our official reception in Oslo City Hall:

Fotos by Kai Chen / Chen Media.


30. October 2017

Inger Sandlie talks at Impact on Society Conference

Inger Sandlie will do a Keynote at Science for Society Conference. Inger will talk about the importance of being exposed to innovation and commercialization thinking while doing research.

Read more avbout the conference at www.phdconferenceoslo.com/

Inger Sandlie is a professor in biochemistry at University of Oslo. Often described as one of the most innovative researchers in Norway, she was in 2014 given an honorary award (Inven2) for submission of 100 DOFIs (Disclosure of Invention). She also has co-founded two UiO-startups (vaccines and medication). See Inger Sandlies presentationand her research group at UiO webpages.

30. October 2017

Kjetil Trædal Thorsen talks at Ipmact on Society Conference

Kjetil Trædal Thorsen was only 29 when he co-founded Snøhetta. He is a firm believer in trans-disciplinary practice allowing co-working groups deliver at premium. How would this transpositional thinking apply in academia? Meet Kjetil at Impact on Society Conference.

Read more avbout the conference at www.phdconferenceoslo.com/

Kjetil Trædal Thorsen is an Norwegian architect who in 1987 co-founded Snøhetta, a globally known architecture firm. Kjetil has a passion for estetics, but also for work methods, multi disciplinary skills, and how to apply them in an working environment.

Snøhetta is globally known for projects on Ground zero, New York, the library in Alexandria, and Opera house in Oslo. Read more about Snøhetta and their projects here.

30. October 2017

Eirik Torheim talks at Impact on Society Conference

At Impact on Society, Eirik Torheim will share his experience on how his PhD in immunology has helped him on his entrepreneurial venture as CEO of Depict.

Read more avbout the conference at www.phdconferenceoslo.com/


Eirik Torheim has a PhD in Immunology at University of Oslo. In 2014, he took the bold move on founding his own startup, Torheim Pharmaceuticals, a playroom for his creative and innovative ideas.

In Febr. 2015, he also co-founded the startup Depict. with core responsibility for the technical development of the tool Depicto. Depict is today operating out of the health-incubator Aleap.