What is Science for Society?


Science for society is a learning- and networking platform for PhD-students and postdocs, focusing on academic value creation, entrepreneurship and commercialization, and employability. The project runs at Lund University (SE), University of Oslo (NO), University of Aarhus and Aalborg (DK), in addition of Oslotech (NO) and Region Midtjylland (DK) as project partners.


The range of good academic projects and -ideas today is good; it is just a lack of culture, knowledge and input on how to bring these ideas into innovations supporting and developing society and industry.


Science for Society will bring awareness to value creation, entrepreneurial skills, industrial networks, and new career opportunities to researchers. Science for Society focus on those who want to bring research into societal and industrial use, and seek a career outside academia, hence we contribute to a higher awareness and understanding of commercialization of science, and process of commercialization of ideas.


Science for Society is an Interreg-funded project, with partners (see above) from the Scandinavian countries. For contact with our partners, see contact information on our website.