PhD Conference: Science for Society – Bridging the gap!

April 23, 2018 Fredrik Edman

Science for Society – Bridging the gap!
Knowledge transfer between academia and society

After the successful conferences in Aalborg on employability, and in Oslo
on the impact from research, this year’s Science for Society conference will
be all about knowledge transfer between academia and society. We invite
you to learn how research can bring on change in society and hear how
other PhD-students have “bridged the gap”. The conference will also offer
a number of hands-on workshops where you for instance can discover
how your research can be employed outside academia.

When? 7-8 November (lunch-to-lunch), 2018
Where? AF Borgen, Lund, Sweden
Cost? Free of charge (for PhDs & Postdocs)

Preregister for the conference here!

More information about the program and the speakers will
follow soon at the conference website!

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